TouchBranch (2018)

Artifact Mixtape (2018)

HapCube (2018)

An interactive installaion that allows people to use their bodies to connect branches to move light and turn light into wind

A system that enables users to connect digital playlists to everyday objects using a mixed reality interface

A wearable haptic device that provides tangential and normal pseudo-force feedback to a user's fingertip


Story-Aware Interactive Puppet (2018)

BubbleTalk (2018)

Lumi Land (2017)

Enhancing storytelling experience with story-aware interactive puppet

BubbleTalk is array-type bubble generator that conveys user actions into fish tank in the form of bubbles.

A new type of interactive installation for a science museum.



Utilizing Smartphones

as a Multi-Device Single Display Groupware

to Design Collaborative Games (2017)

A new way of assembling mobile devices to create unique forms beyond rectangular ones, such as rings, bars, and radial displays, and to develop three games with them.



Motion Log Skateboard (2017)

Motion Log Skateboard is a concept for skateboarder

to understand their body movement in depth.


HapThimble (2016)

HapThimble is a wearable haptic device capable of providing tactile, pseudo-force, and vibrotactile feedback to a user’s fingertip.


Motion Echo Snowboard (2016)

Auditory Augmented Sports (2015)

Conveyor World (2015)


Motion Echo Snowboard is a concept wherein the weight distribution of each foot is displayed on the upper side of snowboard deck.

Sonification that alters perception of body activity results in a significant change of emotional and behavioral response.

A multi-user mixed reality game system on a conventional conveyor belt with a projector-camera system incorporated.


JANUS (2014)

Inflatable Graphics (2014)


Ephemeral User Interface (2014)

JANUS is simply a double-sided POV display. Users on each side can see independently displayed images.

A shape changing signage with soft material.

Interactive media using disappearing material ‘soap foam’, which is familiar and hedonic matter in our daily life.

Cubement (2014)


Noonchi (2014)


Transwall (2013)


CUBEMENT is a movement design tool, which functions

as the components for designing mechanical movement.

A study of the Previewable Switch regarding user behavior and spatial mapping.

A transparent display that can be used from both sides in order for people to experience co-located, face-to-face interactions.

Soundbound (2013)


Molebot (2011)


Everyday Use (2011)


SOUND BOUND is an interactive sound visualizer. It allows the user to distort and create sounds by touch interaction.

MoleBot, a robotic mole living in a coffee table that interacts with small items laid on the table surface.

EveryUse is the new platform particularly designed for sharing cases of artifact appropriation.

Inflated Roly-poly (2010)


Digital Decals (2010)


Crystal Zoetrop (2009)


An air-contained display medium that can be directly deformed and spatially moved by physical inputs for interactive games.

The rubbed image is transferred directly to the screen in the same manner as with a traditional decal.

Crystal zoetrope is a new visual medium  that can create 3-D animations from a 2-D image.

Digital Rubbing (2009)


Kinetic tiles (2008)


Shade Pixel (2007)


Digital rubbing is a playful and intuitive interaction technique for transferring a graphic image directly onto paper.

Kinetic Tiles are modular construction units for physical kinetic animations.

Shade Pixel is an interactive display that uses flexible Spandex to represent information.

Shade Painting (2007)


Instead of using paint, people can draw something on a canvas using BuckyBalls, spherical neodymium magnets.

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